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I started working in construction in 1999, and by 2001 I had started my own construction business. I got into real estate in 2003 to supplement the construction business – I was able to buy a lot, build the house, and sell it myself, and by 2005 I had my Broker’s License. In 2014 I gave up the construction company to focus on 417 Homes, and we’ve been rocking it ever since!


To say I know houses and real estate inside and out is not an exaggeration! I pride myself on going into an open house and being able to tell my clients every advantage and disadvantage of that house and what it is truly worth. I specialize in finding the real estate that matches a lifestyle – I’ve listed ranches and farms, lots and land, brand new houses in town, and 100 -year-old homes in the country. 


Along with the journey described above has been the real estate investment side of the equation. I understand that investing in real estate is one of the best options to provide financial security and build long term wealth. History shows us that real estate has its short term "up's and downs". But overall, it has proven to be one of the best performing investments available to everyone. With this knowledge and understanding, I invest in properties. Creating AMC Property Management LLC in 2006 to manage my own investments in real estate. Since then, I have expanded to offer those services to my clients. People who love the idea of investing in real estate but don't want to be landlords or property managers, just investors. With, AMC Property Management LLC, and Clark Construction all working together to harness the power of understanding Real Estate like few others can. Invest in your family's future and let me be your resource in Real Estate.


Real estate is all about family, and I want you to meet mine: This is Marsha, Nixon, and Holden. Marsha and I have been married for almost 20 years now, and she actually used to be in real estate with me.


When we adopted Holden in 2012 Marsha decided to stay at home. It wasn’t long before Nixon was adopted into the family in 2016.


When we’re at home we love to be outside. We ride dirt bikes, four wheelers, and go out on the boat – Everything little boys (and dad) love to do!

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